Rapid Release & Belt Play

A belt like no other

Practically indestructible 5.5-6.1 oz solid stainless steel buckles bolted to 7,830 and 9,400 pound tensile strength high-density custom nylon belts.
Rapid One-Hand Release — completely remove belt in under 1 second, for those who value speed and efficiency and for when seconds count.
Able to move like a unified force of nature, each SIEGE® belt has no loosely connected parts, amd no clasps, jaws, pins or hinges that can break, snag or slow down belt release or motion.
Salt water-proof and durable in the extreme.
"Forever Belts" that you and your family will be able to wear for a lifetime and hand down for generations.
Few things project power and confidence like a SIEGE® Belt.
Hand crafted by master craftsmen in the USA using US-made materials.

While the intent of these belts is ultimate reliability, they do share in common with other ordinary everyday gear — such as robust hiking staffs, canes, and other EDC items that are made for navigating rough and potentially dangerous environments — the greater confidence that they can provide the owner when going about his or her day and when traveling through unfamiliar territory. A SIEGE Belt owner can be completely confident that his or her belt will always be completely dependable and will never fail.


PLEASE NOTE: We will be out of town the next four days and will respond to inquiries and orders after we return, this weekend. Thank you for your patience.

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The 1000 Year Buckle, Own the Finest in Belts, Hand-Made in the USA, Special Nylon Webbing Guraranteed 8 years

Beautiful Workmanship and Dynamic Appearance

Each buckle is hand-made by a master of design and craftsmanship with over 25 years of experience making buckles. Each model has from 36 to 48 steps in its construction. After each buckle is shaped, drilled and threaded, 4 stainless steel bolts with rounded heads are threaded in, and air-hammered in place. The buckle is actually bolted to the belt for ultimate security. The other two bolts are machined down into smooth, rounded prongs, and then bent into hooks. Two hooks double the belt's durability.

SIEGE Buckle Collection

Standard Buckle Side View

Extraordinarily Rugged 5.5-6.1 oz (158-172 gm) Buckles

Buckles are precision cut from a solid block of US-produced Stainless Steel.
Large buckles weigh 6.1 oz (172 gm).
Standard buckles weigh 5.5 oz; or 6.1 oz.

Large vs. Standard Buckle

Heavy-duty custom stainless steel nuts and bolts ensure a powerful connection between belt and buckle. SIEGE® Belt owners tend to form a similarly inseperable bond with their belts. Wearer and belt become a unified force, enabling the wearer to operate with greater confidence in urban and outdoor environs.

Oval Buckle Array

Each buckle goes through an extensive hand-crafted process with 36 to 48 steps required to bring it to completion.

7,830 lb and 9,400 lb tensile strength Custom Nylon Webbing

Specially woven high-density nylon.
Tighter weave — superior to military-grade nylon.
7,830 lb strength webbing for Standard buckles.
9,400 lb lb strength webbing for Large buckles.
Note: leather belts are not up to our standards and are not available.
Each belt has 6 pairs of adjustment holes spaced .88" (7/8" or 2.2 cm) apart for maximum adjustability and comfort. Belt length is measured to the middle set of holes.

High-Density Custom Nylon Belts

Belt webbing is black on one side and brown on the other. We will construct your custom belt with your choice of color facing out, in the length you specify. Belts are easy to replace for a change in color or length.

SIEGE® Special Nylon Belts vs. Leather Belts:
1) Nylon is much stronger; 2) Nylon does not crack or rot with age; 3) Nylon permits swimming and wading; 4) Nylon slides out of belt loops easier; 5) Nylon is more flexible; 6) SIEGE® Special High-Density Nylon is textured for a superior grip.
Our nylon  belts are custom woven on special looms for optimum thickness, stiffness, durability, and appearance.
Hold a SIEGE® Belt and one will immediately understand how the strap is unlike any other nylon webbing and the buckle is unlike any other buckle one has ever held before.

Brown belt webbing with text - The Best For Action & They're Amphibious

SIEGE® Belt Buckle Selection

Production Buckles:
(2 sizes in 2 finishes)

  • - Sanded & Buffed
  • - Brushed

Large & Standard Size Buckles with Brushed Finish

Standard Size Buckle with Brushed Finish

Large Buckle with Brushed Finish

Our plan is to simplify our buckle offerings to these two popular size and finish options.

View & purchase Standard Finish SIEGE® Belts
(initial run: limited number available at this time)

Limited Edition Special
Finish Options (2 sizes)

  • - Mirrored
  • - Striated

Large Size Buckle with Mirrored Finish

Standard size buckle with Limited Edition Striated Finish

We will not be producing more buckles with these finish options because of the additional time it takes to complete. We are offering the few we have at a steep discount so that we can focus on our production models.

View & purchase Limited Edition Special Finish SIEGE® Belts
(only a few remaining)

Limited Edition
Oval Buckles

  • - Sanded & Buffed
  • - Hammered & Polished
  • - Brushed

Oval Buckles with Sanded & Buffed and Hammered & Polished Finishes

Oval Buckle with Brushed Finish

In order to simplify the production process and product line, we will not be producing more of the Oval Buckles The few we have are available now at a significant discount.

View & purchase Limited Edition Oval SIEGE® Belts
(only a few remaining)

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Made in USA
Made in USA

SIEGE® BELTS — Used the World over by Executives, Pilots, Rafters, Yachtsmen, Hikers, Adventurers, Survivalists, Bicyclists, Travelers, Scouts, Preppers, Executive Protection Professionals, Martial Artists, Defense Force Servicemen and Women, Military Veterans, etc.

Unlike most other confidence-boosting items that are not convenient for everyday carry, you can take your SIEGE® Belt almost anywhere. You will have it with you when you are walking down the road in unfamiliar areas or late at night, when you arrive in an airplane in a foreign country or strange city, when you're rafting or boating, or when hiking in the outdoors.

"The Invincible Belt!" G. O'Brien

The Finest in Custom High-Performance Belt Buckles, for the Most Discerning Owners who Demand the Very Best — Made in California, USA. More practical than a Lamborghini, faster than a Ferrari, with the clean lines of an Aston-Martin, and as solid as an armored car, the SIEGE® Buckle

The Finest in Custom High-Performance Belt Buckles, for the Most Discerning Owners who Demand the Very Best.
SIEGE® Belts — Hand-Made by Master Craftsmen in California, USA.

  • A history of inventiveness from the Sierra Nevada

    SIEGE® Belts were designed and hand-crafted by the inventor of the world's first sport sandal, the Alp® Sandal — still sought after for their superior stability and durability (producing over 36,000 pairs a year when acquired by Teva), who also re-invented the classic binder,  Flipback 360 Binder which was licensed to Avery-Dennison and available nationwide. In our other operation, SIEGE® Stoves, we produce the premiere US-Made high-performance, camping and survival stoves, SIEGE® STOVES. With their patented universal Cross-Members, SIEGE® STOVES are the most versatile on the planet, and are an essential item for every camping & backpacking kit, bug-out bag, and vehicle survival pack, with thousands of active users worldwide. You can order yours here

    We are offering the limited edition belts at a considerable discount. Once these are sold, we plan to simplify the product line down to just two sizes in two finishes. This is to streamline the process, since each belt takes a long time to craft. We are conducting a pre-launch of our standard belts with a limited number available at this time.

    Use the links under the photos above to view and order the available buckes in each category. Note: if you order a buckle that has already sold, we will contact you to offer you an alternative from our limited stock, or to offer a refund and the option of placing your name on our waiting list. The photos show just the buckles, without an attached belt. When you place an order, we will contact you to determine what belt length you require and what color you want facing out (black or brown). We will then attach the selected belt to your buckle and ship it to you via Priority Mail for US orders, and via standard US Mail for international orders (international buyers are responsible for any taxes and import duties charged in the destination country by Customs officials — please check your country's fees before ordering).
  • The Perfect Gift!

    SIEGE® Belts make an attractive and uniquely useful gift for yourself and for the people you care most about. Unlike with most gifts that only have use in limited circumstances, and are not long-lasting, recipients will have good reason to think of you every time they put on their hand-crafted belts. Most gifts do not last long and even if useful, are only used or worn on rare occasions. SIEGE® Belts, on the other hand are greatly valued and regularly worn by their owners. Gift recipients will have good reason to remember you every time they put on their unique, US-made, artisan-crafted belt.

Wear responsibly and always remember: "Blessed are the peacemakers"