Q: After I receive my belt, can I change which color of the webbing faces out (black or bown)?
A: Yes. Use a wrench to remove the rounded bolts that attach the buckle to the belt, and then flip the belt over and tighten the nuts back on. It's that simple!
Over time the Nylon will stretch a little to conform to the shape of the wearer in its current orientation, so if you want to be able to flip colors back and forth between black and brown, we recommend that you get an additional SIEGE® belt. This way you will have one black and one brown belt, each with its own buckle and ready to go with any outfit.

Q: Can I order extra belt straps?
A: Yes. Extra straps can be ordered for $25 plus shipping. Contact us with your requested belt length and we will get back to you. If the belt length you need is out of stock, we will let you know how soon we will be able to return to our warehouse in the Sierra Nevada to resupply.

Q: How are the straps measured?
A: We measure from the buckle end of the belt to the middle of the six rows of holes near the other end. This provides the wearer room to grow or shrink. With its quick-release buckle, adjusting the belt during a meal is a cinch! The holes are spaced 7/8" apart, providing granular adjustability for maximum comfort as your waist changes during the day's activities. 

Q: Should I get a standard or large size buckle?
A:  For dress clothing, formal wear and work attire the Standard size buckle is more popular with both men and women. The large buckles are somewhat more dramatic and are popular for casual wear. Men gravitate toward both the large and standard sizes, while women generally prefer the standard size buckles.

Q: What makes SIEGE Nylon Belts unique?
A: When we began our search for a belt material that would be on a par with our unique high-performance buckles, we tested a wide range of options. We zeroed in on Nylon, which performs much better than leather for 5 reasons: 1) Nylon is stronger than leather, 2) Nylon does not crack or rot with age, 3) Nylon permits swimming and wading and any other activity in which you might get wet, 4) Nylon slides out of belt loops easier, 5) Nylon is more flexible. However, we found that even Military-grade Nylon webbing stretches too much and does not provide anywhere near the strength or durability that we required. So, never ones to compromize, we engineered our own custom webbing to meet our exacting standards. Woven to a super high-density on special equipment, SIEGE® Custom Nylon webbing for our Standard size buckles sports a 7,830 lb tensile strength, — almost 4 tons! and for our Large buckles a 9,400 lb strength — almost 5 tons! The high-density of the weave also results in the belts having extreme durability. After holding it you will immediately see and feel that this is unlike any other nylon webbing, and understand why after wearing our belts almost every single day for many years they still look like new. We guarantee the belt webbing for 8 years, and additional belt straps can be purchased from us for just $25 plus shipping. SIEGE® Custom Nylon webbing can only be purchased here.